Monday, July 26, 2010

Library #7 Collins Public Library

On Saturday morning, we stopped by the Collins Branch on the way to Griffis Sculpture Park in Ashford Hollow near Ellicottville. What a beautiful library. We spent a longer time here than we were supposed to, but we found tons of great books, friendly librarians, and a nice setting to browse through, and sit and read. The children's section was excellent, with lots to choose from. MaryGrace found some American Girls books on Josephina, her new American Girl Doll, and Anna checked out some Dear Diary books. We had lots to read for the twenty mile car ride over to Ellicottville.
Speaking of car rides, our GPS had us get to Griffis via Zoar Valley Road--this was like a roller coaster ride! This crazy, bumpy, windy road was the most fun of the whole day. Griffis Sculpture Park is a gem in our area--if you like the outdoors, hiking and art, especially on a large scale, check this place out. Here is the web address:


  1. This sounds like a great adventure for your family. Do you plan to finish by the end of summer? Good luck!
    -Another fan of libraries,

  2. We thought trying to do this over the summer would be too much, we might not be able to really enjoy the experience--so our goal is to see about half over the summer, and space the rest out over the rest of the year to June. Also, we want to show that a visit to the library can be part of our everyday experiences, and events our family participates in each year-for example, we are saving the Eden branch for the fall when we go apple picking down there. Thanks for your question!