Saturday, April 23, 2011

Library #32 Eggertsville Branch (Amherst)

The Eggertsville branch is the first library the girls ever went to! We used to live in this neighborhood. When the girls were toddlers we would walk to this library, park the stroller in the hallway and sit and read --it was very fun to be back!

This library was busy on a Saturday morning. We especially liked the Bill Nye DVD set on the children's shelf. We sat and read for an hour even though our plan was to get to the Tonawanda branch as well. The librarian was very helpful and the people were friendly. Great spot!

On the way home we stopped at DiCamillo's Bakery on Main St. for a rye and cross bread for Easter. Then we were off to church to get our basket of Easter foods blessed.

Only 5 more to go!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Libraries # 29, 30 and 31; Eden, Concord and North Collins

In honor of the Sabres quest for the Stanley Cup we performed our second library hat trick!
First we went to the Kazoo Factory in Eden. What a great spot- Karen and her granddaughter were enthusiastic tour guides! They showed us a cool map of the USA with hundreds of pins in all of the 50 states to show where visitors have come from. There were also dozens of notes from people who have come from all around the world! Anna and MaryGrace make their own
Kazoos using a machine that was almost 100 years old. The factory runs several days a week with help from disabled employees from SASI.
The Eden library has abeautiful curved, wooden ceiling. It is cozy and very well organized. The girls loved the way the children's series books were sorted in plastic bins. Al knew the librarian, Joyce, who used to be the librarian at the Orchard Park branch. She told us that the Eden Library was built largely with community support.
Then we were off to North Collins. This library had a neat kids section with some stadium seating for special readings. It was quiet and very relaxing.
The Concord library was small and very busy with lots of homey touches. There was an aquarium that was recently donated by a friend of the library, a stuffed owl for Harry Potter fans and lots of paintings done by local artists. We were told that every Wednesday there is a big flea market with a livestock auction- we'll have to come back for that!

Library #28 Dudley Branch, City of Buffalo

Since our family is half Polish, part of our Easter tradition is to visit the Broadway Market. We arrived early to beat the crowds and get our palczek, chrusciki, pussywillows, painted eggs, and some chocolote covered Peeps! It was a fun time and a great Buffalo tradition. After the market, we drove to the Dudley Branch in South Buffalo. This small library was very busy this Monday just before lunch time. We liked the community room, section of books about Buffalo history, and the DVDs organized with a non fiction section. Nice stop and nice day!