Sunday, October 17, 2010

Library #19 Boston Free Library

The Boston Public Library is a really tiny and cute two story brick building that used to be the schoolhouse. We arrived just before it closed. We had a few minutes to check out some books, and then Marilyn was nice enough to stay late and show us around. She recognized us and was very excited to see us! She and the rest of the staff are very proud of their neat and homey library, and the fact that because they are small they have the time to know their patrons so well. She told us stories about some of them and their dogs, who are also welcome in the library! Lucky for Sookie, who was in the car! She had fun zipping around the stacks. Marilyn told us about a special resident of the library. They believe it is the ghost of Mr. Foley, who was the caretaker of the school. He gets upset when the library is messy and sends books flying off the shelves! When the library is decorated and tidy, he is relaxed and just a warm presence in the room. It is a very cool building with lots of neat details because it is so old .
On the way home we drove to Chestnut Ridge Park to see the Eternal Flame. It is really cool! We hiked down the ridge path off Seufert Road. The trail leads to a beautiful waterfall. Behind some of the rocks, in a little carved out spot, is a natural gas leak that burns a bright flame! It is neat to see fire and water together, and it gave a us a peaceful feeling. It was a tough hike, but with Sookie pulling us it wasn't so bad! And the day was perfect for hiking- sunny and cool and the leaves were colorful. What a great fall day!

The Buffalo News!

Charity Vogel came to our house to interview us in early October. It was fun! A really nice article was published today's edition of The Buffalo News. We are very excited. Here is a link to the article on line:

Above is a picutre of Ms. Vogel and our family.