Friday, July 23, 2010

Libraries #4, #5 & #6--East Clinton, East Delavan and Riverside

Today was the hat trick of libraries! We visited three of the City Branches in one day. On the way into Buffalo to listen to the music at M & T Plaza, we stopped at the East Clinton Branch.
After the music, we stopped at the East Delevan Branch, and then took a ride through Black Rock to the Riverside Branch. What a day! Here are some notes about each branch:

We knew we were in the East Clinton neighborhood when we saw all the cool Polish street names, like Gorski Street and even, Polish Street. This library was small, homey and busy on this Thursday morning. We signed out a few books and learned about the library's summer reading program, which we want to sign up for.

At the East Delevan branch we met the librarian, Ms. Jamie Smith. She gave us a few prizes and was very welcoming. We discussed our goal of visiting all 37 branches of our library system, and she mentioned that there used to be 53 branches before 16 of them were closed a few years back. That would make our library visit very challenging! She told us about a few of the other area branches and we could tell she takes great pride in her library.

The East Delavan community library was also very busy and had a real nice children's section. One of the highlights was a special shelf dedicated to the books on the Mayor Brown Reading Challenge list. This is a program sponsored by the Mayor of Buffalo where kids read books throughout the summer, write reports and become eligible for prizes in the fall.

This library has an ongoing book sale and there's a nice beach display for summer outside in the window.

Our last library stop was at the Riverside Branch. The first thing we noticed is that this about twenty year old branch looks brand new, due mostly to the extraordinary landscaping created by the maintenance person for the library, very nice! Inside the library, we met Ms. Linda Rizzo, who used to work at our home branch at Clarence--she was also very nice and welcoming. The center post of the library is pained like a beach with a lighthouse on it along with 3 dimensional stones and birds! Great place.

MaryGrace read about three Mo Willems books from the East Delevan Branch to Riverside, so we returned them.

We were in our grandparents' old neighborhoods, so Dad showed us Grandma and Grandpa's homes that they grew up in--this was neat!

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  1. East Delavan Library appreciates all of the nice things you said about us!!! Thank you so much and come back again!