Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Library #11 Angola Branch

We had never been to this neat little town right on Lake Erie. This library was very small, but very beautiful from the outside. The library had a lot of activity for a Monday afternoon, and had a great community feel. The librarians were very welcoming and suggested that we go down to the lake and get a hot dog at Connors, a famous lake front restaurant. We did, and it was fun and yummy!


  1. I think your Reading Road Trip is an awesome idea. It has inspired us to visit other libraries in Buffalo and Erie County that we have never visited before. We are looking forward to following your progress. Thank you for also listing some of the other activites and adventures that you have done. We are planning on visiting Griffis Sculpure Park after reading about it in one of your blogs. Thanks again. JX

  2. Thank you for your encouragement! We are glad you are checking out other libraries too! We hope you like Griffis, we thought it was very cool. Be good!

  3. Hello,
    My name is Amy and I am a youth services librarian. I am so inspired by your goal.
    During the Summer, I work at the Orchard Park Library coaching a Battle of the Books team. To be on the team yo umust be going into grades 6-9 in the fall. We study 5 books and then compete against the other libraries in the system on Saturday August 7th - tomorrow. I know that this is very short notice, but my group met last night and they thought that if you were interested in seeing all of the libraries, you should really see the Battle of the Books competition. They would like to invite you to be their guests tomorrow morning. Our team serves breakfast from 7:30 -8:30 and the competition starts at 9am sharp. If you are interested I can provide you with more information - 845-0165.
    Thanks and good luck with the great road trip,
    Coach Amy Glende

  4. Thank you for inviting us!! We are so disappointed, but we are leaving for the weekend shortly and cannot attend! Good luck today and please let us know if anything else fun comes up.
    Thanks again!